Moon Turns Red on 15th April

On 15th of April 2014, Moon turns into red color as per NASA Predication. Mars, Sun and Earth all aligned in a same line is very rare thing of planets that happens once in 778 days. But what make this event more important, two weeks before moon was seen red due to the same alignment of Mars, Sun and the earth. On 15th April, 2014 same alignment appears again on sky and every one can see red moon.

Red Moon on 15th of April, 2014:

red moonMoon is seen red on mid night of 15th April, 2014 in every part of the world.

Some Christians believe that it is representing the end of the earth and second coming of Hazrat Isa (A.S).  In Bible, same prediction is written which seems to be fulfilled on 15th April about the judgment day.

The King James Bible predicts: “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD comes,” [Joel 2:31].

Note: Red Moon will be seen 4 times in 2014.

red moon

NASA has also confirmed that this alignment happen 3 times in more than 500 years and gonna happen again.

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  1. massi farik says:

    this is wrong i dont expect this thinking the people.

  2. Shajeel says:

    Dosto Hazart ESSA A.S k anay main abi kafi time hai. Abi toh aik Aisi Jang honi hai between Muslims and kafirs jis main fatah Muslims ke ho hi laken jis jang main bht ce tabahi ho gi aur yah jang talwaron sai lardi jayah gi yah Hadees ka mahfoom hai meanz us sai phly aik aur jang ho gi jis main tamam technology khtm ho jayah gi. Phir Imam mahndi R.A phir dajjal phir Hazart ESSA A.S phir YAJOOJ MAJOOJ phir us k baad duniya Akhrat ke tarf barday gi…

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