Philosophy of Love Book by Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain has written a book on Philosophy of Love. Altaf hussain is a politician and he have nothing to do with this kind of books. We have gotten 2 pages of Altaf Hussain Book and its a B grade book. We think has some mental problem and writing cheap books.

Altaf Hussain has written in Book that male may have attractions towards male and its natural. What is this, he might b a mental case now properly. He must go to doctor for checkup.

Altaf Hussain Book

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  1. Nauman khan says:

    Fazool Admi k Mutaliq kuch kahna waqat ka Zia hay Allah pak es ko Hadyat atta fermaye jo her waqat Sherab k Nashay may Dhoet rahetaa hay

  2. farook memon says:

    mera khial he ke is waje se altaf bhai ne apni biwi ko talak di

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