NA-116 Narowal National Assembly Candidates Results, Maps

Narowal NA-116 I National Assembly Candidates, results, voter and information about winners of previous election in Narowal . National Assembly NA-116 Narowal Candidates for election 2013 are listed below. Previous Results, Maps and all the information of parties i.e PTI, PPP, PML-Q, PML-N and all other parties of Pakistan.

Candidates of NA 116 Narowal Contesting Elections 2013


Punjab Assembly Seats/Constituencies

PP-133 Narowal-II
PP-134 Narowal-III

Maps of NA-116 Narowal , PP-133, PP-134

NA-116 Narowal

NA-116 Narowal-II Result Elections 2008

Ch.Muhammd Tariq Anees          Independent      45097
Daniyal Aziz                                 PML-Q           37138
Dr.Hafiz Shabbir Ahmed               PML-N              22369
Gulzar Ahmed Chaudhary                   PPP           9553

PP-133 Narowal-II Result Elections 2008

Daniyal Aziz                           Independent      5706
Dr. Tahir Ali Javed                    PML-Q             27508
Muhammad Ghias -ud-Din                 PPP        16279
Waqar Ahmad Chaudhary                  PML-N    13704

PP-134 Narowal-III Result Elections 2008

Daniyal Aziz                           Independent      12078
Muhammad Abbas Chaudhary    PML-Q            17361
Yasin Khan                             PML-N              15951
Muhammad Saqib Idrees Taj    Independent       10308
Ali Hussain Zahid                      PPP                7864

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