National Assembly NA-52 Rawalpindi Candidates Results, Maps

Rawalpindi NA-52 National Assembly Candidates, results, voter and information about winners of previous election in Islamabad. National Assembly NA-52 Rawalpindi Candidates for election 2013 are listed below. Previous Results, Maps and all the information of parties i.e PTI, PPP, PML-Q, PML-N and all other parties of Pakistan.  Rawalpindi has 7 National Assembly (NA)  seats as follows NA-50 Rawalpindi-NA-56 Rawalpindi for Pakistan’s National Assembly Constituencies from Rawalpindi.

National Assembly NA-52 Candidates:





Major Areas of NA-52:

  •     Adwal
  •     Banda
  •     Sagri
  •     Basali
  •     Chakala
  •     Chauntra
  •     Bajnas
  •     Chak Umral
  •     Basali
  •     Kaliam Awan
  •     Takht Pari
  •     Rawat
  •     Mankiala
  •     Sagri
  •     Kallar
  •     Kharkana
  •     Giria

Map of NA-52:


National Assembly NA-52 Election Results 2008:

Capt. (R) Safdar     Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML N)     54,917
Muhammad Nasir Raja     Pakistan Muslim League Quaid-e-Azam (PML Q)     22,773

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