PML-N Nawaz Sharif Live Mansehra Jalsa 25 March 2013

Nawaz Sharif jalsa 25 march 2013 Mansehra will be streamed live on our website. PML-N Nawaz Shaif is doing the Jalsa after a 10 years in Mansehra. People want to see Nawaz in Mansehra and thousands of people have gathered till yet. We will stream it live for you. Keep with us to watch Live Mansehra Jalsa of Nawaz Shaif which is to be on 25th March, 2013.


nawaz election 2013 jalsa

Now, he is all set to go for elections and series of Jalsa’s before election 2013 has been planed. He will travel city to city all over the Pakistan to motivate people of Pakistan to give vote for their party.

Jalsa Place: Mansehra

Political Party: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz

Date: 25th March 2013 (at 2 pm)

Visit this page on 3:30 PM to watch Online Live Nawaz Sharif PML-N Mansehra Jalsa on 25th March.

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