Leaked Torture Video of Arshad Pappu and Killing Pitcures

Recently I have viewed a video that made me stunned that are we living in the 21st century. In this video I have viewed a man who named Arshad Pappu and was murdered by killers very painfully as the eyes put out from the face with knife and screwdrivers.

Arshad Pappu Video

On 17th March Arshad Pappu was murdered with his brother by the unknown killers at midnight. The source of the upload of video yet not located further I informed you that the video is of 02 mints length and full of painful scenes in it

In this video the two men is beating Arshad Pappu very badly and two men are talking with each other at behind. It is being supposed that the scenes were being seen by number of people but after the view everyone is said loudly that this is not the way to give the punish to a criminal. Police should take notice of this and should immediately arrest the killers of Arshad Pappu.

Torture Video by Facebook:

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