PTI Imran Khan Live Peshawar Jalsa At Motorway Chowk

Peshawa: Imran Khan the chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was held a Jalsa today on 10th March, 2013 at Motorway Chowk. PTI is hoping to get hundred of thousands people to the jalsa to show a strong power show to all political parties of Pakistan.

pesharwar jalsa 2013

PTI has also planed a big show on 23rd March, 2013 in Lahore Minar-e-Pakistan. We will broadcast all jalsa and rallies on this page. We will give you all TV links as well as Insaf TV link to watch live jalsa of Peshawar. It will be a big jalsa as all party members are trying put their effort to make it a high success.



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