PML-N KPK Candidates List For Provincial Assembly

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) KPK Candidates List with details of Ticket Holder names and biography. People want to know which one candidate from PML-N is contesting in election 2013 from KPK Province. Here below we have listed all candidates of PML-N with NA, and PP Punjab Assembly Seat Code. If you want any other information, please tell us and we will try our best to give you required information you want.

kpk pml n candidates


PK I, Peshawar I, Iqbal Zafar Jhagra
PK 2, Peshawar II, Mian Syed Badshah
PK 3, Peshawar III, Khadim Ali Yusufzai
PK 4, Peshawar IV, Haji Muhammad Arshad Qureshi
PK 5, Peshawar V, Farhad Ali
PK 6, Peshawar VI, Abdus Sattar Khalil
PK 7, Peshawar VII, Syed Abbass Ali Shah
PK 8, Peshawar VIII, Arbab Akbar Hayat
PK 9, Peshawar IX, Rashid Mehmud Khan
PK 10, Peshawar X, Amanullah
PK 11, Peshawar XI, Haji Siffatullah


Pk 12, Nowshera I, Ashfaq Ahmad
PK 13, Nowshera II, Rashid Ali Shah
PK 14, Nowshera III, Ikhtiar wali
PK 15, Nowshera IV, Abdul Ghaffar Khattak
PK 16, Nowshera V, Salim Muhammad Yusufzai


PK 17, Charsadda I, Mian Humayun Shah
PK 18, Charsadda II, Ihsanullah Khan
PK 19, Charsadda III, Aurangzeb Khan
PK 20, Charsadda IV, Gul Badshah
PK 21, Charsadda V, Muhtarram Shah
PK 22, Charsadda VI, Sajjad Ali Aurakzai


PK 23,  Mardan I, Nawabzada Umer Farooq Khan
PK 24, Mardan II, Nawabzada Arsala Khan Hoti
PK 25, Mardan III, Bakhtawar Khan
PK 26, Mardan IV, Muhammad Iftikhar Mohmand
PK 27, Mardan, V, Khurshid Ahmad Khan
PK 28, Mardan VI, Haji Sikandar Hayat
PK 29, Mardan VII, Fazal Razaq Khan
PK 30, Mardan VIII, Azam Khan


PK 31, Swabi I,Haji Dildar Khan
PK 32, Swabi II, Afsar Ali Khan
PK 33, Swabi III, Darvesh Khan
PK 34, Swabi IV, Nawabzada
PK 35, Swabi V, Haji Sajjad Ahmad
PK 36, Swabi VI, Muhammad Shiraz


PK 37, Kohat I, Hidayatullah Khan
PK 38, Kohat II, Muhammad Iqbal

PK 39, Kohat III, Yet to be decided

PK 40, Karak I, Farid Khan Toofan
PK 41, Karak II, Malik Zafar Azam


PK 42, Hangu I, Saifur Rahman
PK 43, Hangu II, Alhaj Muhammad Farid


PK 44, Abbotabad I, Inayatullah Khan
PK 45, Abbotabad II, Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan
PK 46, Abbotabad III, Ayub Afridi
PK 47, Abbotabad IV, Sardar Aurangzeb Nolata
PK 48, Abbotabad V, Muhammad Javed Abbassi


PK 49, Haripur I, Raja Faisal Zaman
PK 50, Haripur II, Qazi Muhammad Asad
PK 51, Haripur III, Muhammad Sadiq
PK 52, Haripur IV, Pir Sabir Shah


PK 53, Manshera I, Babar Salim Swati
PK 54, Mansehra II, Mian Zia ur Rahman
Pk 55, Mansehra III, Salih Muhammad
PK 56, Mansehra IV, Waji u Zaman
PK 57, Mansehra V,  Sahi Muhammad Tanoli
PK 58 Manshera VI, Zafarullah Khan


PK 59, Battagram I, Muhammad Fiaz Khan
PK 60, Battagram II, Muhammad Ishaq


PK 61, Kohistan I, Haji Misar Khan
PK 62, Kohistan II, Muhammad Siraj
PK 63, Kohistan III, Abdus Sattar Khan

Dera Ismail Khan

Pk 64, D.I.Khan I, Kizaar Khan Miankhel
PK 65, D.I.Khan II, Gul Din
PK 66, D.I.Khan III,  Sanaullah Khan Miankhel
PK 67, D.I.Khan  IV, Fatullah Khan Miankhel
PK 68, D.I.Khan, V, Syeda Batool Nasir


PK 69 Tank, Muhammad Yusuf Barki advocate


PK 70, Bannu I, Malik Nasir Khan
PK 71, Bannu II, Not decided yet
PK 72, Bannu III, Dr Sahib Zaman
PK 73, Bannu IV, Ahmad Mustafa Ali Khan

Lakki Marwat

PK 74, Lakki Marwat I, Yet to be decided
PK 75, Lakki Marwat II, Yet to be decided
PK 76, Lakki Marwat III, Akhtar Munir Marwat


PK 77, Buner I, Liaqat Ali Khan
PK 78 Buner II, Sir Zameen Khan
PK 79, Buner III, Shah Bakht Rawan Khan


PK 80 Swat I, Qawi Khan
PK 81, Swat II, Syed Habib Ali Shah
PK 82, Swat III, Amir Muqam
PK 83, Swat IV, Jalat Khan
PK 84, Swat V, Dost Muhammad Khan
PK 85, Swat VI, Mian Sharafat Ali
PK 86, Swat VII, Qemoos Khan


PK 87, Shangla I, Muhammad Roshad Khan
PK 88, Shangla II, Fazalullah Khan


PK 89 Chitral I, Yet to be decided
PK 90, Chitral II, Syed Ahmad Khan

Upper Dir

PK 91, Upper Dir I, Muhammad Nisar Khan
PK 92, Upper Dir II, Malik Abdul Ghaffar
PK 93, Upper cum Lower Dir, Malik Fakhra I Hayat

Lower Dir

PK 94, Lower Dir I, Farooq Iqbal
PK 95, Lower Dir II, Dr Deedar Muhammad
PK 96, Lower Dir III, Anwar Syed Advocate
PK 97, Lower Dir IV, Syed Ghani

Malakand Protected Area

PK 98, Malakand Protected Area I, Alhaj Muhammad Esal Khan
PK 99, Malakand Protected Area II, Sajjad Ahmad



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